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The HTML Page
Lists and Horizontal Rules


Lists allow you to organize information on a Web page.

Ordered (Numbered) Lists
To automatically create numbered lists use the <OL> ("ordered list") tag, and put an <LI> tag (for "list item") by each item on your list.
  1. Item 1
  2. Item 2
  3. Item 3
<LI>Item 1
<LI>Item 2
<LI>Item 3
The <OL> tag starts the list. The <LI> tags show where a number would appear on the next list item. The <OL> tag ends the list.
If you'd like something else to replace the numbers, add:
    TYPE=I for Roman numerals (capitals)
    TYPE=i for Roman numerals (lower-case)
    TYPE=A for letters (capitals)
    TYPE=a for letters (lower-case)
to the <OL> tag
Use ordered lists when the items you want to put in a list have to be in order, such as step-by step instructions. There is another type of list called the un-ordered list.
Un-ordered (Bulleted) Lists
To create bulleted lists use the <UL> ("un-ordered list") tag. Again you should put an <LI> tag by each item on your list.
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
If you'd like something else to replace the round bullets, add:
    TYPE=CIRCLE for circle bullets
    TYPE=SQUARE for square bullets
to the <UL> tag

Horizontal Rules

This one's easy. To add a horizontal rule to your page, just use <HR>. Example:

There. I just created a horizontal rule. Use these objects to make sections on your Web page.

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